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Meet our new design EXPO 42: Animal Series

Meet our new design for EXPO Animal Series
size: 18 x 25 cm
Paper: 70 gsm ( A Grade)
Binding: Sadle stiching
Sheets: 42 sheets


LOCOMOTIF Products are landed at TISERA Bookstore

We are back and happy to announce that we are landed at TISERA. LOCOMOTIF products available at TISERA Bookstore !!
What is TISERA?
PT. Tiga Serangkai Nusantara is a company engaged in the book and stationery retail stores under the name Tisera Bookstore. PT. Tiga Serangkai Nusantara is one of the business units of the Tiga Serangkai Group, based in Solo. With a relatively young age for a company engaged in the retail book and stationery store, Tisera now growing quite rapidly is evidenced by the opening of new branches each year.

PP Double Spiral Note Book B5 80 pages

Size 18 x 25 cm
SL 7 mm
PP Cover
80 pages

Field Report: Premium Note Book launched Event at Binus University

We are exciting to introduce our Premium Note Book for college student at Binus University ( assisted by Bina Nusantara Mandarin Club ( BNMC). The respon is very good, College student very enthusiastic for Locomotif Eka Sakti new product:  Premium Note Book. 
Thank you

EXPO® Premium Note Book

The new Note Book edition enhanced the EXPO® Premium Note Book's superiority by embedding fresh red, green, and purple covers. This premium edition pays tribute to all young generation who believe in the playfulness of their adventurous lives.

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